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Ceremony: £220
Drinks reception:  £220
Wedding breakfast: £250

A ceremony and drinks reception can be combined for £300
A package of all three is £350

All packages include requests, and travel within 30 miles of Bristol.


A drinks reception or a wedding breakfast will include a break of 15 minutes, and I will play for as long as required.

A deposit of 20% of the total agreed fee is considered confirmation of the booking.  Contracts can be exchanged upon request.

Travelling expenses are not charged if the venue is within thirty miles of Bristol. For venues further afield an estimate will be made of fuel consumed. Other expenses, such as accommodation or tolls, may need to be factored in if necessary.

Complimentary food and drink is not expected - but it will never be turned down!


Basic fee is £180 for up to three hours.


No charge is made for any requests for songs you may have, given a notice period of one week. If less notice is given, I may be able to accommodate if I already know the song.

Some songs just don't work on the piano - I will advise you if I believe a satisfactory arrangement cannot be made of a song, but it only really applies to heavy rock, rap or dance songs which most people would be sensible enough not to pick anyway.

For advanced classical music (Grade 7 or above) notice of one month should be given. If I consider that the piece would require a large amount of practise time, I may need to charge extra - however, nobody has requested anything that difficult yet!

If you or any of your guests would like to sing as part of the ceremony, reception or at any other point, I will be happy to accompany. Again, a notice period of one week is required. Bear in mind that singing with no rehearsal is risky! Misunderstandings over tempos and keys can be embarrassing -  it is highly advisable to arrange a run-through on the day, especially if the singer is not an experienced performer. Knowing in advance the key the singer prefers is especially useful to me.

If you do wish (or have a friend or relative who wishes) to sing or play an instrument at your occasion, a separate rehearsal before the day of up to one hour can be arranged for a fee of £30 if you come to me in central Bristol, or £40 if I come to you (with piano if needed) and you are in or near Bristol. This isn't compulsory, but might settle a few nerves, including my own!

The 1920s

I am one of a very few pianists in the Bristol area who can play old-fashioned Ragtime and Stride convincingly - Stride is a piano technique evolved in Harlem in the 1910's and 1920's that involves the left hand pumping out the rhythm by alternating low bass notes and mid-range chords, whilst the right hand embellishes a jazz melody, and is notoriously difficult to master. But when done well, it transforms the piano into a full-blown band in itself. Famous examples include Fats Waller, James P Johnson and Lucky Roberts - I'm not as good as those guys, but I can hold my own!

If you are planning a Great Gatsby event, or want an Al Capone theme to your occasion (without the gratuitous violence, ideally), then a solo stride pianist could be an ideal novelty twist, and there's not many apart from me that can do it.

If you want a full band in this style, I can assemble the top 1920s musicians in the area and make it happen!

Also, for modern songs with a 1920s twist, check out my band Trip for Biscuits:

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